Dangerous Goods Jewellery is made by Hannah Davis-Gray in

Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa - Auckland, New Zealand. ​

Dangerous Goods Jewellery is designed and made to be worn forever using

sustainable, lasting materials.
Hannah aims to design timeless pieces that can be passed between generations of wearers.


As a self-taught jeweller, Hannah's pieces embody experimentation and excitement. She is inspired by found objects, collecting practices, sculpture, nature, humour and popular jewellery symbols.

Dangerous Goods Jewellery acknowledges the ethical and environmental issues surrounding mining and jewellery production, and endeavours to create each piece as sustainably and ethically as possible.  Each piece is made by hand with minimal waste, favouring a simple tool set and local resources. Hannah's pieces are cast in recycled sterling silver at Regal in Mt Eden. All off cuts and filings are recycled back to Regal. 

Hannah appreciates the cyclical potential of silver and gold which can be continually melted and recast, repaired, or reworked. Dangerous Goods Jewellery uses recycled beads, lab grown gems, unconventional found materials and second hand gems sourced through TradeMe or second-hand stores. The past lives of each 'stone' add to the charm and uniqueness of each Dangerous Goods piece.

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2018.

Jewellery making is a part-time passion for Hannah who works two days a week as a paralegal and two days a week in arts education and project management. She spends her day off, weekends and evenings in studio making each unique Dangerous Goods Jewellery piece.