Sterling silver is a surprisingly soft metal so please treat your jewellery gently. Try not to bend, twist, put large amounts of weight onto it or tug on it. Scratches will occur naturally as you wear a piece - I like to think these add character.

Aotearoa is largely coastal and because of this it is natural for silver to oxidise/blacken in the salty air. If you live in or visit Rotorua the sulphur has a tendency to turn silver black as well. Wearing your jewellery will help keep it shiny. When you're not wearing a piece you can store it in an air tight container or alongside an anti-tarnish sheet. A metal specific polishing cloth or gem-safe silver dip can also be used to clean your pieces if they become dull. Do not use silver dip on pieces with pearls. Feel free to contact me if you would like some further care advice specific to your piece.

If your piece is intentionally oxidised do your best not to wear it in the shower, ocean, or when washing dishes. Oxidization (blackening) of silver can wear off with time, I am happy to re-oxidize pieces for free if you are able to cover postage and handling. 

Pearls are sensitive and best kept out of liquids and away from oils, perfumes, and cleaning products. Take your pearls off when you shower or swim and try not to rest them on your skin where you've just applied moisturiser or perfume. 


Dangerous Goods Jewellery values sustainability and therefore encourages repairs of broken or damaged jewellery. I happily resize, and repair any wear and tear for a small fee plus postage and handling.

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